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Behavioral Healthcare Software: Small Business

CATT SBE (Small Business Edition) from ProComp Software is an affordable, full-featured, integrated solution for behavioral health practice management. CATT SBE is loaded with all of the features and benefits of CATT, but in a closed architecture system. That one small difference allows for a more streamlined implementation and reduced overall cost.

An integrated suite for practice management, billing, EHR and more.

With billing, clinical, document management, and more integrated into a single software you experience the advantages of a highly collaborative data set with real-time quality control, single comprehensive user interface, and scalability to go from a few to a few hundred seamlessly.

Single site or large network, public or private agency. CATT is agile enough to meet your needs.

CATT SBE comes as an integrated suite to help you scale and diversify quickly and efficiently. As your needs grow, your practice will already have the software it needs. Practice management software is a vital asset — make sure you own it.


Commonly Asked Questions

Can CATT SBE support multiple clinics?

CATT SBE is specifically designed to support both single and multiple clinics.

Is CATT SBE a web application?

CATT SBE is commonly deployed via the internet. Whether installed onsite or hosted there are a variety of ways CATT SBE can be deployed.

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