The power of flexibility

Behavioral Healthcare Software: Enterprise

CATT from ProComp Software is a robust, full-featured, integrated solution for behavioral health practice management. CATT is designed to be the right tool for any job. CATT’s out of the box functionality is designed to cover virtually any need. At the same time, our open architecture and the ability to customize allows for almost limitless possibilities.

Powerful, comprehensive, easy to use software for behavioral health agencies.

With integration throughout the system your data works for you. Real time quality controls, clinical alerts, notifications, alarms, and reporting give your agency the tools it needs. With the capability to expand in new ways, you will always have the software you need.

Simple solutions for complex care.

CATT is highly configurable to help create the most efficient user experience. Organizing information users need and hiding what they don’t provides for better security, efficiency and reduced data entry mistakes as well as providing users a better software experience.


Commonly Asked Questions

Can CATT be modified by our staff?

Where ProComp will always be there to support your CATT application, we welcome development by any agency representative.

Is CATT a web application?

CATT is commonly deployed via the internet. Whether installed onsite or hosted there are a variety of ways CATT can be deployed.

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