CATT - Billing

  • Flexible, powerful billing and accounts receivable system designed for BH organizations billing state Medicaid, commercial insurance, Medicare, Managed Care Plans, and other local community agent contracts.
  • A uniquely visual and protocol driven multi-payor funding system allowing simultaneous billing of revenue across payors allowing organizations to handle an array of complex billing schemas used in behavioral health organizations with a high degree of automation and maximized cash flow.
  • Four automated service billing preprocessor consoles for generating claims from provider notes, integrated care logs, per diems claims from attendance records, and bundled claims for programs such as Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization.
  • Point of Service Receipts to improve the workflow for receiving walk-up cash and providing client receipts.
  • Medicare MSP (e.g. Medicare as secondary payor), “Incident To” billing, and convenient posting facilities for processing Medicare ANSI835 remittance files.
  • Automated ANSI-835 processing for all electronic formats
  • Two schemas for Managed Care authorizations with coordinating alarms to provide the greatest tracking flexibility
  • User definable receipt and adjustment codes for the utmost flexibility in receipt and adjustment posting.
  • Paper HCFA and UB04 functionality
  • Automated client statements
  • GL export functionality compatible with most common ledger systems