Integrated Care Workflows in Behavioral Health Settings

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Beacon Health - Mentor, OH

In order to showcase our latest version of CATT, we are offering this free day long workshop on implementing integrated care and meaningful use processes using behavioral health EHR technology.

We welcome our own users to see the new Integrated Care Manager and Stage 2 functionaltity. We also welcome other area organizations to spend the day with us even if your organization has recently purchased an EHR. We offer you a a practical and indepth didactic exploration of the MIS, billing and data reporting requirements for an integrated care program and how to use your own EMR's capabilities to meet those demands.

We will start by covering the MU Stage 2 mandates that must be implemented by organizations with physicians and other EPs attesting for MU incentives. These new and ehanced areas of Meaningful Use functionality required in 2014 Edition EHRs encompass the areas of patient engagement, interoperability and clinical decision support. Each of these areas make a unique contribution to integrated care workflows that target client motivation and education, care coordination, and inform clinical decisions and improve patient care.

Next we will be demonstrating electronic integrated care documentation in the context of an integrated workflow within an agency's broader behavioral health and medsom services. During the afternoon we will spend considerable time detailing the data reporting and CQM requirements for Ohio Medicaid Health Homes and how our ICM console automates much of this reporting. We will cover five of the most often used data interfaces with HIEs, MCPs and between BH organizations and their primary care partners and how to use these interfaces to facilitate care coordination processes.

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