GOSH and SHARES: The next steps

What comes next – GOSH and SHARES

With the transition away from MACSIS for non-Medicaid claims in Ohio, two new claims adjudication systems have risen to fill the void; GOSH and SHARES. Where the changeover to new funding systems can often seem daunting, we strive to meet our customers needs in as streamlined a fashion as possible. Hence, ProComp is proud to announce that we are ready to go with claim EDI formats for both of these systems.

Being able to seamlessly transition from one funding/EDI model to another is what we do. With our new interfaces for GOSH and SHARES our customers will experience the same high level of quality control that they have come to expect from all of our other EDI interfaces, as well as the same simple and easy to use engine for both maximum control and flexibility.

Although the primary concern will always be the efficient adjudication of claims, these systems provide avenues for even more efficiency in your agency with electronic enrollment and electronic outcomes submission for SHARES. We are currently in live production with electronic enrollment for GOSH and will be releasing electronic enrollment and electronic outcomes submission for SHARES in the very near future.

If you have questions or concerns about your current vendor's ability to keep up with State specific mandates we would love to show you the advantages that ProComp brings to the table.

  • Real-time electronic claims submission via GOSH/SHARES ANSI837P
  • Real-time claims reconciliation from GOSH/SHARES ANSI835P
  • Bi-directional electronic enrollment for GOSH
  • SHARES electronic enrollment (coming soon!)
  • SHARES electronic outcomes submission (coming soon!)
  • Unparalleled State specific expertise and support