Releases Covering Ohio BH Medicaid Redesign

One of the releases by MITS BITS, "Step by Step Instructions: Enrolling Rendering Practitioners in MITS", for Ohio Medicaid, covers which practitioners must have an NPI and be enrolled in Ohio Medicaid. Once enrolled, each practitioner must be affiliated with their employers. Also important to note is that practitioners and agencies must “un-affiliate” as applicable. Instructions for completing the enrollment are also included. With links for additional resources, this should help providers meet the January 1, 2017 deadline.

The second release, “Serving Medicare Beneficiaries? Enroll in the Federal Medicare Program”, provides a general overview of enrollment for Individual practitioners and organizations. If questions arise throughout the enrollment process, the contact information for Cigna Government Services (CGS) who is the Ohio Medicare Administrator is provided and a CGS customer service representative can assist. Be sure to read the information thoroughly as the details listed cover details for both the practitioner and organization down to signing in blue ink.