Opioids Dispensed Decreases in State of Ohio

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy (OBS) has released the OARRS (Ohio Automated Reporting System) 2016 Annual Report. It states that there was a 20.4 % decrease in the amount of opioids dispensed in Ohio over the 4 year period from 2012 to 2016. At the same time, OARRS usage continues to increase with a record breaking high of 24.11 million requests in 2016.  Another key point from the report is patients in the state of Ohio have less engagement in the practice of doctor shopping since 2012.

Steven W. Schierholt, Executive Director for OBS stated “This report highlights the state’s continued efforts to promote best practices when treating patients with prescription opioids”. “I am confident that such best practices, including the use of OARRS, will further decrease opioid prescribing and expose fewer Ohioans to these potentially addictive medications.”

A full copy of the OARRS 2016 Annual Report can be found here.

ProComp Software successfully completed direct integration with OARRS in early 2016.  By integrating our electronic health care record, CATT (Clinical Assessment, Tracking and Triage), directly with OARRS, prescribers using our system have instant access to a patient’s controlled substance history without the need to log into a separate system. This feature eliminates the need to key entry demographic information.