Changes in Ohio Rules for Chronic Pain

Ohio continues to make changes to combat the opioid addiction and accidental overdose epidemic. Governor John Kasich announced new rules for patients with chronic pain. While there are no set limits on what can be dispensed, the new rules call for physicians to re-evaluate their patients’ opioid use.

The strength of pain killers are measured in morphine equivalent doses (MEDs). When patients are prescribed 50 -120 MEDs per day, physicians will look for signs of misuse. At doses of 80 morphine equivalent doses per day, a pain management agreement will have to be obtained. In addition, the doctor will need to consider prescribing naloxone in the event that an overdose does occur.

Terminal cancer patients as well as hospice patients will be exempt from the proposed rules which will go into effect in the fall.

More details on these rules to help prevent addiction can be found here.