EHR Implementation: Initial ARRA Incentive Funds Total $1,100,000 for CATT Users

The 11 ProComp client agencies who have purchased the ONC ATCB certified Catt EHR product thus far employ a total of 51 "EP" physicians, PAs and APNs making these organizations eligible for almost 1.1 million dollars in first year ARRA funds under the Medicaid Incentive program. Implementing the various areas of EHR functionality such as ePrescribe, electronic lab results and Catt's "personal health portal" will enable these agencies to achieve "meaningful use" targets making them eligible for another 2.1 million dollars of incentive funds over each organization's five year eligibility period. In August, ProComp will begin a series of day-long workshops as well as two hour webinars focused upon the mechanics of implementing the different EHR components efficiently within an organization's intake, assessment and client workflow routines. Look for the next issue of CATT Quarterly for a listing of these presentations.