ProComp Software is pleased to announce the release of the latest addition to our CATT product family, CATT 365.

CATT 365 is the same robust and comprehensive product that our customers have relied on for many years, but is now available in a fully hosted cloud based environment. The value of CATT 365 can be even further expanded with the inclusion of email services and Microsoft Office 365 making the platform truly flexible and value based.

Through a seamless partnership with Keystone Technology Consultants, we are able to provide secure, scalable, and reliable hosting services providing a rich cloud experience. Where Keystone has provided us with incredible cutting-edge resources, ProComp staff will continue to provide you with the same high quality services our customers have come to expect over many years.

Reliability of Ongoing Operations

Your operations will run at Keystone Level 3, a high availability data center in Cleveland, Ohio, and utilize comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Your backups will be stored two places in the data center, with an option for redundant storage in a separate geographical location.
Keystone’s data center where your systems and backups will be hosted provides these capabilities.

• Redundant, high speed internet access from multiple providers to the servers for reliable, high performance computing
• Redundant electrical power from multiple providers
• Four (4) 750kVA Caterpillar diesel generators, with 4,000 gallons of backup fuel
• Redundant UPS units with a 900kVA capacity
• 500 Tons of cooling designed in an N+1 configuration
• FE-25 DuPont fire suppression
• Redundant firewalls utilizing the latest in SSL, DPI, VPN, SPI, IMIX, IPS, DES, 3DES, AES (128, 192, 256-bit)/ MD5, SHA-1
• Highly secure: Bio-scanning and keycard with signature required, with motion sensing cameras
• On-site engineers to provide premier support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS 70) compliance

The servers have fault tolerant hard drives surviving single or multiple drive failures, and redundant power supplies and network connections. These are fully monitored and upgraded regularly.


Backups should protect your data and restore to a previous point in time. We will maintain backups and archives of your servers hosted with us:

• 3 months of daily, full backups.
• Once a year snapshot at the end of each year.

These backups are themselves stored on two separate devices so loss of one will not mean loss of your backups.
Optionally, and at extra cost, your backups can be stored at a separate geographical location.

Uptime/ Planned Upgrades

Keystone’s hosting facility has a documented 99.95% uptime percentage rate. Periodic updates and maintenance is required and will occur with as much prior email notice as possible. Generally, this downtime with occur on weekend days and very early in the morning hours.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Your operations can survive the loss of a single server if failure of a server’s key components occurs.

All servers used for operations (known as “primary” servers) are replicated to redundant hardware (known as the “replica” servers) every five minutes. If a failure of the primary server occurs, we can activate the replica and resume operations within minutes. We will maintain live replicas of all of your servers.

If maintenance is needed on the primary server, we can use the replica server reducing impact to users and the operations.

By providing this, you will enjoy a reliable environment that provides high uptime, protects your data, and provides ongoing operational capability even when unexpected failures occur.

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